for your family every day, just like we do for our own family


in 24 hours from field to fork


We use more than 150 ingredients


We don't use preservatives, colourings, flavourings or glutamate


We choose the freshest vegetables, the best legumes and the richest cereals


Italian extra virgin olive oil


first of all we believe in the highest quality possible


all the natural goodness just for you, ready in just a few minutes, at your fingertips

News & Media

Zerbinati warms up for Cibus Connect

Everything is ready for Zerbinati for the next Cibus Connect, the trade fair scheduled in Parma on the 12th and 13th of April.

Zerbinati unveils 12 new products during Fruit Logistica 2017

Zerbinati is present in Berlin at Fruit Logistica 2017, the international trade fair dedicated to the world of production and distribution companies of the fruit and vegetable market.

There are stories that never age because they are made in the name of freshness.

This is our story: it began in 1970 in Borgo San Martino (Alessandria), when Ferdinando Zerbinati selected vegetables that had just been harvested to sell them in fruit and vegetables markets and continues in the first facility giving life to his idea of family business, with the birth of the first successful product: the fresh minestrone (vegetable soup) cut and packaged on tray.

Today three generations work for the Zerbinati company, a leader in the production of ready-to-use fresh vegetables and fresh food.

Our philosophy?

Looking ahead to foresee the new needs of our consumers and anticipate the request of this sector without ever forgetting our origins and the attention to quality that have always been our hallmark.



7 steps of a tasty production

We do not just buy the vegetables from our suppliers,

but we work with them to guarantee good, healthy and natural products. Our in-house team of agronomists actively participates in the planning stage, the sowing and harbesting of the raw materials. We use integrated production techniques, because we respect the generosity of nature that offers us its gifts and we care about the health of our consumers.


7 steps of a tasty production

After harvesting, our vegetables are taken to our plants.

We transport them with care, checking them thoroughly because we want them to reach their final destination in a perfect and fresh condition.


7 steps of a tasty production

Just one action is repeated again and again after reaching the plant until packaging: quality control.

Over 1,000 checks on the raw materials every year, over 5,000 microbiological ones on the finished product.


7 steps of a tasty production

After being checked watchfully, the vegetables are ready to be cut and washed.


7 steps of a tasty production

The other ingredients reach the kitchen to become our soups, Burger'Z and other fresh ready to eat meals.

Once the ideal cooking is completed, another check takes place followed by the packaging phase.


7 steps of a tasty production

Our plants are IFS, BRC, BIO and "Integrated fight" certified.


7 steps of a tasty production

Our specialities and vegetables reach supermarkets and Italian families.

From the field onto the table, all the production line is strictly checked and traced.