Swiss Chard

  • Made in Italy

The recipe

Zerbinati Erbette are obtained through the selection of the finest leaves which are carefully cut, washed and dried.
An exquisite side dish but also delicious served alone or with the addition of other ingredients, steamed or used to enrich appetizers, pasta, quiche and soufflé.


Swiss chard.


Energy Fat of which saturates Carbohydrate of which sugars Fiber Protein Salt
71kJ /17kcal 0,1g 0,0g 2,8g 2,8g 1,2g 1,3g 0,01g

How to use

To boil 500g of product, boil the Erbette in 1,5l of water, salt and cook for 3 minutes.

Want to add a touch of professional flair?

Once you've cooked your Erbette, cut them, and season with salt, lemon and extra virgin olive oil. Serve them with some bread bruschetta with cheese and black pepper.